Organic Vitamin E oil

Product Name: Vitamin E oil (D alpha tocopherol)

ChemicalName: (2R)-3,4-Dihydro-2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-2-[(4R,8R)-4,8,12-trimethyltridecyl]-2H-1-benzopyran-6-ol

CAS NO.: 59-02-9

MF: C29H50O2

MW: 430.71

Appearance: Light yellow-brownish red liquid.

Detection Method: HPLC

Purity: 99%

Melting Point: 2.5-3.5ºC

Boiling Point: 200-220ºC(0.07501MMHG)

EINECS NO.: 218-197-9

Specification: 1000iu,1200iu, 1300iu, 1400iu.

Shelf Life: Two years

Organic Vitamin E oil Product Description:

Natural Organic Vitamin E oil  (d-α tocopherol) It can delay aging and keep youthful. Experiments show that: human cells to reproduce and split 50 times will die, and treated with vitamin E cells can be split more than 120 times, the cell life extension of 2.4 times, that is, vitamin E can slow down 2.4 times.

D-α tocopherol is a light yellow to brownish red, clear, viscous oil. It has a mild, characteristic odour and taste, and its biological avtivity is three times higher than synthetic VE.


  • 1.It is a kind of nutritional intensify additive,can enhance the immunity, disease prevention of the livestocks.
  • 2. Increasing breeding or laying rate of the livestocks and poultry, while keep the meat tasty and increase nutritional value.
  • 3. It can effectively increase the nucleic acid metabolism, and promote protein synthesis,and increase the body functions and sexual function.
  • 4. As a nutrient for multi-vitamin drink, instant drink, cereals, confectionary etc.


  1. Anti-aging effect.
  2. The anti-fatigue effect.
  3. Protect the reproductive.
  4. Improve cardiovascular.
  5. Hairdressing action.
  6. Treatment of gastric ulcer.


  1. Food additives.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Cosmetics.
  4. Feed additive supplement.
  5. As antioxidant.